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Excited to share a few awesome blurbs for The Golfer’s Carol, which releases in just five days (Nov. 3rd!):

“Inspiring…Sharp in its dialogue, real with its relationships, and fascinating in details of the game, The Golfer’s Carol is that rarest of books–one you will read and keep for yourself, while purchasing multiple copies for friends.”  —Andy Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of The Noticer and The Traveler’s Gift

“A celebration of faith, family, and the human spirit, The Golfer’s Carol is a page-turning story of love and second chances that is sure to become a classic. The four inspiring lessons will stay with readers long after the last page is turned.” —Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump

“The greatest golf courses are those that can be enjoyed by duffers and aces alike. The same can be said for The Golfer’s Carol, a story you don’t have to be a golfer to love, though it doesn’t hurt. Bailey grabs your imagination from the first swing, and walks you through a course of miracles that golf dreamers will cherish. Packed with heart and with hope, golf needed a Christmas classic, and now it has one.” —Tom Coyne, New York Times bestselling author of A Course Called Ireland and A Course Called Scotland 

“Bailey wrings genuine emotion from Randy’s tragedies. This life-affirming sports odyssey will appeal to fans of uncomplicated inspirational yarns.” Publishers Weekly

 “At some point in our lives, most golfers like to imagine playing a round of golf with our sporting heroes, a heavenly foursome comprised of the greats of the game and maybe a missing loved one. In his wee gem of a book, The Golfer’s Carol, Robert Bailey creates both a hymn to the heroes of golf and a moving fable about what is most important–and enduring–to learn from the game. The moral rings clear: It’s never too late to have a Wonderful Life. George Bailey couldn’t have told the story any better!” —James Dodson, author of Ben Hogan: An American Life

“A fun, fast read, this novel kind of sneaks its wisdom up on you. I thought it splendid.” —Homer Hickam, author Rocket Boys and Carrying Albert Home

By robertbaileybooks

Author of the forthcoming legal thriller "The Professor" (Random House, January 28, 2014).

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