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THE GOLFER’S CAROL releases on October 20th. I’m thrilled to share the official cover.


By robertbaileybooks

Author of the forthcoming legal thriller "The Professor" (Random House, January 28, 2014).


As usual, I can hardly wait to read this book. My dad loved to both play the game and watch it played on television. Not that it will mean anything to you but, in the 1950s they used to have a game where amateur golfers could sign up to play on their local course against a well-known pro of the day named Ben Hogan, who played on his preferred course. If the amateur shot a lower score than Hogan, he got a medal that said ”I beat Ben Hogan.” My dad became the proud possessor of one of those medals. After he died, my mom gave the medal to my brother, who is also a golfer. He went online and found the magazine with the article about that particular charity contest, obtained a copy, and his wife had the article and medal framed for him to hang on his office wall. Now that you know TMI about me, tell me please when I can preorder The Golfer’s Carol.

On Fri, Mar 6, 2020 at 11:32 AM Robert Bailey Books wrote:

> robertbaileybooks posted: “THE GOLFER’S CAROL releases on October 20th. > I’m thrilled to share the official cover. ” >

Hey, Martha. I love this story about your dad. So cool that he played with Ben Hogan. Ben Hogan actually plays a pretty big role in THE GOLFER’S CAROL. I believe the Kindle version can be preordered now. Not sure about the hardback, but may be a couple more months on it. Thanks again!!

I just finished your latest book and loved it. My only complaint is that I wish you would write faster. Looking forward to Oct book.

After reading Legacy of Lies, I quickly obtained The Professor and Between Black and White. I have found your books immensely interesting and readable, in fact I have stayed up into the wee hours of the night reading and finishing your books in 1 or 2 days. I do question why given Rick Drake’s character why Professor McMurtrie selected him to represent the school. This morning I have purchased The Last Trial and I am sure I shall read it in a day or two also. Thanks for your writing.

Just discovered your books during this quarantine. Could not put my kindle down. Loved both the Professor and Legacy of Lies. Highly recommend

Just finished “Legacy of Lies” and am pantingly anxious for the next edition to this fabulous tale! Thank you Mr. Bailey!!!

It’s 1:15 am and I just finished reading The Professor, a book that I literally couldn’t put down. I’m still wiping tears over Musso. A friend loaned me her signed copy and I’m so glad she introduced me to your work !!

We have devoured your Professor Series. My Mama & I have told many friends about McMurtrie & Drake. Your characters jump off the page & we are so fond of them.
I am almost finished with Legacy of Lies. Please give us a hint if there are more to follow this story line.
Looking forward to The Golfers Carol.
Don’t stop writing Mr. Bailey!!!!


Thank you! So glad that you and your Mom have enjoyed the stores. And yes! I just finished with Bocephus Haynes, book 2, tentatively titled THE WRONG SIDE, which will be out in May 2021. Thanks again for your note!

I just finished Legacy of Lies. I was thrilled to find it. I’ve been looking for more books from you as I’ve read all your earlier books.
Thanks for your exciting stories and great characters!

I have a friend in Huntsville who introduced me to your books.As a former teacher and lover of legal thrillers I appreciate your talent. Thanks!!!

I’ve really enjoyed reading this series and I can’t wait to read the Bocephus Haynes series

I just finished the McMurtrie & Drake series and cried with Forty-nine and the Professor and again with Bo at the end as you brought these persons to life. I tried reading slower but it was no use I had to find out what happened at the end to these larger than life people. I look forward to reading about Bo in the next book. I don’t remember when I have enjoyed reading a series as much as I have this one, please don’t stop writing.

I too discovered you during quarantine. Often still up at 3 am (good thing I’m retired) going along the streets of Pulaski or Tuscaloosa drawn into the story with Bo or the professor. The characters so real… not perfect but just good people.I am on your fourth book and can’t wait for your October book to come out…have already recommended thou to my reading friends…you have a gift…..thanks for sharing it with me

I just finished Legacy of Lies and your writing just gets better and better. I loved it! Thank you for being a spark of light in these dark days. I look forward to you coming back to Latham Book Club when things open up.

Thank you! Hope you will check out my inspirational novel, The Golfer’s Carol, which comes out on November 3rd. Can’t wait to speak to the Latham Book Club again after the pandemic is over. Thank you for the note!

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