1. As usual, I can hardly wait to read this book. My dad loved to both play the game and watch it played on television. Not that it will mean anything to you but, in the 1950s they used to have a game where amateur golfers could sign up to play on their local course against a well-known pro of the day named Ben Hogan, who played on his preferred course. If the amateur shot a lower score than Hogan, he got a medal that said ”I beat Ben Hogan.” My dad became the proud possessor of one of those medals. After he died, my mom gave the medal to my brother, who is also a golfer. He went online and found the magazine with the article about that particular charity contest, obtained a copy, and his wife had the article and medal framed for him to hang on his office wall. Now that you know TMI about me, tell me please when I can preorder The Golfer’s Carol.

    On Fri, Mar 6, 2020 at 11:32 AM Robert Bailey Books wrote:

    > robertbaileybooks posted: “THE GOLFER’S CAROL releases on October 20th. > I’m thrilled to share the official cover. ” >

    • Hey, Martha. I love this story about your dad. So cool that he played with Ben Hogan. Ben Hogan actually plays a pretty big role in THE GOLFER’S CAROL. I believe the Kindle version can be preordered now. Not sure about the hardback, but may be a couple more months on it. Thanks again!!

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