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Fairhope this Saturday!

Fairhope (Feb. 2020)

Looking forward to returning to Fairhope, Alabama for a signing at the Page & Palette bookstore this Saturday (February 8) at 2pm.  With Legacy of Lies kicking off my new Bocephus Haynes’ series in June, now would be a great time to get signed copies of the books that introduced Bo and General Helen Lewis as characters.

By robertbaileybooks

Author of the forthcoming legal thriller "The Professor" (Random House, January 28, 2014).

6 replies on “Fairhope this Saturday!”

I have read your first three in the series and starting the fourth on my kindle. I would love for husband to read all of your books. I have been trying to find hardback. He only likes to read hardback. How can we purchase copies of all four? I have looked on Amazon and only see paperback.

I just finished The Last Trial. It is the first book I have read that you have written. I could not put it down. A great page turner and well written.
OUTSTANDING! I plan to read the others.

I’ve read all of your books as they hit Amazon and adored “The Professor” character as he reminded me of my father. When The Professor retired, I was disappointed as I was afraid that would be the last book. As I had lost my father to bladder/brain cancer in 2016, and was still grieving, I irrationally was unable for the series to end as reading about the professor helped me with my grief. I purchased “The Final Reckoning” when it came out, but didn’t read it as the title foretold the anguish I would experience. I finally read the book last night and it was indeed anguishing, as well as a delight to read. Reading the acknowledgement this morning through my tears, I finally understood why you ended the series so much quicker than I would have preferred. The Professor series is indeed a fabulous tribute to your father, as my reading it was a tribute to mine and many other grieving adult children I suspect. Thank you. I am grateful.

Thank you so much for this message, and I apologize for the long delay in responding. I’m so sorry about your father, but I’m glad my stories were able to help some with the grief. I know that writing them has helped me with mine. Now my characters have to move on, starting with Bocephus Haynes and Helen Lewis in Legacy of Lies, which comes out on June 1st. It has been tough to move on for me as a writer, because I miss the Professor and my father so much. It really makes me feel good that the stories are helping folks deal with similar issues. Thanks again for your message very much!

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