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Was doing a little research for book 5 last week…Many of these places will be referenced in the story, which has now reached the editing phase. Along the way, we have decided to change the title to…LEGACY OF LIES. This story will kick off a new series of books featuring a character you all know well. Hope to be able to share the cover soon. #bocephushaynes #legacyoflies #wideassopen

By robertbaileybooks

Author of the forthcoming legal thriller "The Professor" (Random House, January 28, 2014).

36 replies on “NEW TITLE FOR BOOK 5…”

I read your 1st book that I found in a bookstore and was looking for your next books. However, I have a Nook that I take everywhere with me. Your books have not been available through the Nook service. I do not intend to buy a Kindle nor order your books from Amazon so I guess I will not be reading your books.

Hey, Patti. Sorry that the subsequent books haven’t been available through the Nook. Not sure what is going on there. B&N offers the paperback and the audio, but not in the Nook it seems. For some reason, iTunes only has the audio versions. It is frustrating as I have no control over that. It is strictly a bookstore/publisher question. Anyway, if you are open to reading hard copies, I’d be happy to send you some signed books and I’ll mention to my publisher the issue with the Nook. Thank you for your note.

Dear Bill, thank you for wring the 3 Professor novels. I have thoroughly enjoyed the references to The Great Bear Bryant, The Great Coach of the 1950’s era when my Billy Cannon’s LSU Tigers were in the same league. Enjoyed also the cities and towns in realistic Alabama along with their countries.

I have always been a READER but your books have made my husband a READER also… happiness is discussing your books over coffee.

❤️ the first 3 books. Starting to read the 4th. Keep writing as I need another to read after I finish the 4th. I found them in the Kindle library and am so glad I did! ❤️ to read a book with references to my hometown ie. places I know well.

Robert, Cap Daniels recommended your books and I’m glad he did. Very much enjoyed The Professor. Look forward to reading more.

The Professor
Thoroughly enjoyed your story and characters. When I came to HSV first in the late 60’s, none of my students were born In HSV. However, we all had relatives that introduced us to the folks and folklore of small Southern rural areas. You did a great job of capturing the details of Alabama kin, moral values, Bear Bryant worship and the importance of football.
Hope you are joining the ranks of Southern writers like Grisham and Iles. I’m looking forward to starting your series of books.
Alabama football supporter from 60’s to present. MLD

I love your books. I moved to Huntsville in 2010 and lived in Hazel Green before moving to Meridianville. I start law school in January and will be recommending your books on my blog. Hope to meet you one day. Keep up the good work and ROLL TIDE!!!

You’ve heard some variation of the story where someone goes half way around the world on a trip, and there they meet another person who just happens to live in the same town, right?
That is kinda how I felt when I found Black & White.

I have a long commute to work and listen to Audiobooks from the Kindle Unlimited collection. Recently, I have just loaded a bunch of mysteries and legal thrillers into my library. The premise of B&W sounded interesting enough.
I was pleasantly surprised when you began describing Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama. I knew these places! I have driven these roads!
As I found that there were 3 others in the series, I made room in my library and grabbed those too. From Huntsville to Birmingham to Jasper to Auburn to UA you talked about places and people and events that I knew, that I remember.
(Not sure, however, how you failed to work in Wesley’s Boobie Trap.)
I am looking forward to your next novel. And if you are looking for another small town to commit a crime, may I suggest the places I called home for over 20 years (until my ex took the house in the divorce and exiled me to Bessemer), the town of Montevallo.

As a Davidson alum (1971), I am pleased to see the English Department so well represented. I thoroughly enjoyed the series and the depth of love, commitment and principle shown in the main characters. That dimension comes from real life and the narrative it allows us to tell. You have done it masterfully, and I will look forward the next chapter in 2020.

My wife and I are just finishing a ten day holiday in Lanzarote. We decided that, being grandparents in our late sixties, this was to be a “recharging the batteries” holiday and a bit of winter son. So we decided we would be relaxing and reading a lot. As we have similar tastes in reading, we randomly downloaded onto our kindles your first two books and two other books. However we so enjoyed your first two books, as soon as we had read them, we downloaded the other two and have just finished “The Final Reckoning”. We thoroughly enjoyed all four books. It’s no exaggeration to say we are agreed you’re one of the finest authors we ever read – a top rate story-teller. We will now be telling friends and relatives just how good your books are and we look forward to your future publications!

With both sad and joyful tears, thank you for the great McMurtie tales! I just finished Final Reckoning . . . I have read all the books in this seties. I feel like a dear, dear friend has passed. Looking forward to the happy memories to come, but tonight my heart is heavy. Happy to hear your wife is doing Great! What a wonderful honoring of your Father you have in the “Professir”. Thank you for sharing!

One day I was searching the Audible site for my next audio book. I went over to google and typed in books that are set in Alabama. Since I’m from Alabama and live in Muscle Shoals I thought it would be entertaining to read such a book. I came across the name Robert Bailey. What a find. I went straight through the entire series and loved it. I don’t know how many times I just smiled when you mentioned landmarks I know. The storytelling is excellent and I’m looking forward to the next book. Thank you, Barry

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