Was doing a little research for book 5 last week…Many of these places will be referenced in the story, which has now reached the editing phase. Along the way, we have decided to change the title to…LEGACY OF LIES. This story will kick off a new series of books featuring a character you all know well. Hope to be able to share the cover soon. #bocephushaynes #legacyoflies #wideassopen

3 thoughts on “NEW TITLE FOR BOOK 5…

  1. I read your 1st book that I found in a bookstore and was looking for your next books. However, I have a Nook that I take everywhere with me. Your books have not been available through the Nook service. I do not intend to buy a Kindle nor order your books from Amazon so I guess I will not be reading your books.

  2. Hey, Patti. Sorry that the subsequent books haven’t been available through the Nook. Not sure what is going on there. B&N offers the paperback and the audio, but not in the Nook it seems. For some reason, iTunes only has the audio versions. It is frustrating as I have no control over that. It is strictly a bookstore/publisher question. Anyway, if you are open to reading hard copies, I’d be happy to send you some signed books and I’ll mention to my publisher the issue with the Nook. Thank you for your note.

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