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THE LAST TRIAL is a #1 New Release

Well, this picture is a nice way to bring in the weekend.  Ten days since the release of THE LAST TRIAL, and we are off to a great start.  All three versions (Kindle, Audible and Paperback) are in the top 7 of new releases in legal thrillers and check out what’s clocking in at #6 with no cover yet and a pub date of next April.  Woo hoo!

Thank you for embracing these characters.

#1 New Release

By robertbaileybooks

Author of the forthcoming legal thriller "The Professor" (Random House, January 28, 2014).

7 replies on “THE LAST TRIAL is a #1 New Release”

I listened to the book on Audible. It was very suspenseful and clever. It is well worth reading. Nevertheless, I felt the ending was rather sad and unnecessary. Unlike the first two books, I did not feel nearmy as satisfied when I finished it. Mr. Bailey is quite gifted. I hope he continues to write.

Thanks, James! I’m so sorry that you were disappointed in the ending–I hate to disappoint readers!–but thank you for saying the story was suspenseful and clever. I really appreciate the note and thanks again!

Too bad I haven’t been able to access your last two books through Nook as I enjoyed your first book .

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