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The audio edition of The Professor is out and available for purchase!  Be sure to click on the link to hear a sample! If you enjoy listening to books on tape, you know how important the narrator’s voice can be to the enjoyment of the story.  I really like Eric G. Dove’s voice.  What do you think? The Professor: McMurtrie and Drake Legal, Book 1 (Audible Audio Edition): Robert Bailey, Eric G. Dove, Brilliance Audio: Books

By robertbaileybooks

Author of the forthcoming legal thriller "The Professor" (Random House, January 28, 2014).


Ordered this book for my son-in-law who took a leap of faith and moved to Huntsville. My daughter works at the Randolph School and I’m hoping this, in part, helps him to acclimate. He is also an attorney from CT. The reviews look great and I’m looking forward to reading it myself and visiting Huntsville again!

Thanks Robert enjoyed the tale. Lawyer friend in Huntsville is Tom Robinson. ROGER IN Nashville

Wow! Drove from New England to Georgia listening to book online. Arrived home and stayed in car listening to last chapter. Although I’m a BullDawgs fan, listening to a “roll tide” theme encouraged me to get another Robert Bailey legal thriller despite it being set in Alabama again. Go Dawgs!

I am enjoying your book very much! The narrator is terrific. I love how he does the voices. Well written and has kept me enthralled for the last few hours. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

I just finished, and may I say WOW! GREAT read! I have already downloaded Between Black and White and can’t wait to begin.

Just finished the audiobook of “The Professor.” I really enjoyed it, matter of fact, so much I purchased “Between Black & White.” I’ll start it today!

Got to tell you, I remember Coach Bryant when he was at Texas A&M. So I am old!

Keep up the great work, love the pride shown for your university.

One of the best legal thrillers I’ve read! After discovering the Professor, I knew right away Between Black and White would be just as good. It didn’t disappoint. Job well done Robert! I have been to Huntsville, one of my best friends lives there.
Will be anxiously awaiting your next thriller…..


I can’t wait for your next book. I started reading the Professor Saturday morning and I was hooked. Finished it at 4:30 AM Sunday morning. I could not put it down. Started reading “between Black and White. Just finished reading it. I have added you to my favorite author book list and alerting over 600 friends on my friends list on Facebook they need to read your two books Gresham, Ellsworth, Pratt, Coughlin, look out Robert Bailey is on your trail as a newbie up and coming author.

Just finished reading The Professor. Stayed up till 3am to read. Kept me intrigued till the end. Will share to others to read this storyline. There are a few typo errors but I am glad I read from front to back. Good read.

Robert, just wanted to drop a word to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Professor.’ I could not put it down, in fact, and have already ordered the second book. Congrats to you on your writing career!

I have really enjoyed The Professor I read a lot of books and it was refreshing to read one a bit different. Look forward to more books from you maybe about Drake and McMurtrie and of Bo

I read both of your wonderful books. My husband remembered the Hazel Green 2A basketball championship in 1967 . New hope played they in 1974 and my husband said the brother of Stafford was a great player also. Hazel Green beat New Hope in that game, in which my husband played. Hope you continue to write. I really enjoyed the 2 book you authored. Thanks for the great reads! Diane Harrison Doran.

Thanks, Diane! So glad you enjoyed the stories. I grew up in Hazel Green so it was fun to put some HG history in the stories. I appreciate the kind words. I’m working on book three now and I hope to have it out in 2017 or early 2018. Thanks, again!

Refreshing to see a main character who is “mature” in years but brilliant and principled. You develop such characters who seem all the more believable due to their flaws. Looking forward to book three and hope you enjoy writing then half as much as I enjoy reading.

I devoured The Professor and was thrilled to read Between Black and White. You have a wonderful gift of storytelling, along the lines of a Grisham and Baldacci. I, too, am an attorney and I am always on the lookout for legal courtroom thrillers. I look forward to reading your next book, and wish you continued success. Thank you for sharing your gift!

Thanks, Susan. I’m so glad you enjoyed my stories, and I apologize for the late reply. I’m working on a third book in the series and hope to have it out by the end of the year or first part of 2018.

I am so excited! I haphazardly read Between Black and White with no hints or suggestions, not even knowing there would be Bear Bryant talk throughout and not realizing your location. I read a lot.
This book is going on the list of one of the best books I’ve ever read. And I have discovered a new favorite author. I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

Didn’t read haphazardly, just a very random eeny-meeny-miney-more choice that day. Nobody suggested, etc.

Thank you so much, Midge! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story and I appreciate the kind words. If you liked Between and White, be sure to check out its prequel, The Professor. Also, I’m working on book three in the series right now, and I’m hoping that it will come out early next year. Thanks again!!

Robert I went to Sparkman high with Randy and Beth and Jana. I graduated in 1963. Your mother was my math teacher for three years and my friend more many more. I worked in the office for your father the year your mother had mono. I live in Oklahoma but am visiting family in Huntsville this week. Just finished the professor last night. Really enjoyed it. Jeanne glass

I thoroughly enjoyed the novel, The Professor, based upon my wife’s recommendation. It was fast paced,with a great storyline that one could easily see happening in real life. Definitely a great read. One thing that I couldn’t understand was your use of galley in reference to the spectators viewing the court proceedings where you probablymesnt to use gallery.

Thanks, Roy! So glad that you enjoyed the story. And you are correct. “Galley” is wrong and should be “Gallery.” That is my mistake and I consistently made it throughout the book. We corrected that issue in Between Black and White. Just a miss during the copyediting process. Thanks again for your note. I’m working on book three in the series, and it should be published next Spring/Summer.

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