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Book Club Fun!

This was my first book club road trip!  Felix's Fish Camp in Mobile.  Great group of ladies!
This was my first book club road trip! Felix’s Fish Camp in Mobile. Great group of ladies!

It has been so exciting to see book clubs choose The Professor!  Since coming out this past January, at least fifteen book clubs have picked The Professor as their book of the month.  From Wadsworth, Ohio to Pawley’s Island, South Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia and almost every corner of Alabama, I have been delighted to hear from book clubs who have enjoyed reading The Professor.

Great discussion at Sheila Irby's home in Huntsville!
Great discussion at Sheila Irby’s home in Huntsville!
I was a suprise guest at my friend, Leslie Comer's, book club!
I was a suprise guest at my friend, Leslie Comer’s, book club!

Several of these clubs have requested that I attend their meeting to discuss the book, and I can’t tell you how much fun that has been.  From my trek to Mobile in early August to a trip to Stone Bridge Farms in Cullman in late September to several book clubs in my hometown of Huntsville, it is such a thrill to interact with readers of the story and I am always surprised and intrigued by the questions that are asked.   Here are a couple favorites that keep popping up–Who was the inspiration for the character of Tom McMurtrie?  (The answer is that no one person from my life is Tom; however, Tom has a lot of my father in him and was also inspired by my Evidence professor from law school and trial team coach and then there is certainly a fictional component).  Another favorite question is what will book two, Between Black and White, be about?  (Well…remember that “unfinished business” Bocephus Haynes mentioned at the end of The Professor…)  Those are just a couple.  Such fun to hear what readers think and feel about the story!  In the weeks ahead, and as I start to wrap up the first draft of Between Black and White, I hope to explore more reader questions on the blog.

Great discussion at Felix's Fish Camp in Mobile!
Great discussion at Felix’s Fish Camp in Mobile!

Anyway, a huge thank you to all of the book clubs that have chosen my story to share with their friends!

Alabama themed book club at Sheila Irby's home!  Check out the Bama napkins and the little hound's tooth hats in the floral centerpiece.
Alabama themed book club at Sheila Irby’s home! Check out the Bama napkins and the little hound’s tooth hats in the floral centerpiece.



By robertbaileybooks

Author of the forthcoming legal thriller "The Professor" (Random House, January 28, 2014).

10 replies on “Book Club Fun!”

Can’t wait for our “top shelf ” book club tomorrow night when we will meet to discuss “TheProfessor”. I loved the book and I am sure my friends feel the same We love Robert Bailey’s first novel in Wadsworth ,Ohio.

Dear Mr. Bailey,
I write this to commend you on your first novel: “The Professor”!
It is amazing to me that this is your first work. I am an avid reader of all subject matter, but those of courtroom drama are my favorites. You, certainly, did not disappoint me. Your character building was excellent and your characters vivid – I could see each and all. The story, itself, was unique and gripping. I enjoyed this work as much as any of the great legal writers – I have read them all.
It was pure luck – I opened my Kindle and there was an add for “The Professor”. I believe I only paid $3.00 for the book. I feel I owe you more.
Now, I am hoping that you are going to continue with your writing. You Must!
After finishing your book, I went to write a review. Unfortunately, there are a few Robert Bailey’s writing legal books.
But, NONE, had the great reviews that did “The Professor”. Many reviewers were quite disappointed as they had finished “The Professor” and thought that they were buying more of your writing – they were not happy!
I commend you on such a great start in your writing career.
In the section: About the author, I see that you are an attorney. If you are half the attorney that you are a writer, I could sure use you up in Wisconsin. If you can’t make it – Please send Tom!

I just finished reading The Professor, and I loved it. It was hard to put down, and I just had to finish it before I did anythng else today. I anxiously await the next book! Vicky

Just finished The Professor and am sad to learn that you don’t yet have a second novel with these wonderful characters in print (or in electrons since I read on a Kindle). Hope to learn the sequel is out soon. Thanks for the entertainment.

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