The Professor on Tour: Huntsville

Me and my daughter, Allie.

Me and my daughter, Allie

On April 10, 2014, The Professor book tour returned home to Huntsville for a book signing at the Jones Valley Barnes & Noble.  After our amazing launch in Huntsville on January 30, we weren’t sure how the turnout was going to be, but the reception was incredible.  50 books sold!  Just a fantastic night with a portion of the proceeds of every sale going to Jones Valley Elementary School, where my sons, Jimmy and Bobby, go to school.

Me and Michelle and Hannah Slaton

Me with Michelle and Hannah Slaton

We had a number of special guests and friends come out for the event, starting with my wife Dixie, sons Jimmy and Bobby and our three year old daughter, Allie.  This was the first signing for Allie, and it was certainly a joy to have her there.  Also stopping by were my mother in law Bev Baca and her husband, Jerry, or as Allie and the boys call them–Mammy and Pops.  Friends who dropped by included Susan Trousdale, president of the Jones Valley PTA, Michelle Slaton with kids, Hannah and Morgan, Doug Shores, Millie Steber, Mandy Scales, Ed and Caroline Klingler  and Erin and Brent Cobb.

Me and friend and neighbor, Doug Shores

Me and friend and neighbor, Doug Shores


The entire staff at the Jones Valley Barnes & Noble was wonderful, setting me up with a prime spot in the front of the store and making regular announcements about my signing and the Jones Valley promotion.  All in all, it was a fantastic night for The Professor and Jones Valley Elementary School.  Thanks to everyone who made this night so special.

Me with Brent and Erin Cobb and Erin's father.

Me with Brent and Erin Cobb and Erin’s father